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Harley Mid Kits 1991 - Present (SKU: PKT-026-C)Harley Mid Kits 1991 - Present (SKU: PKT-026-C)
iPhone PowerMount with Ram Mount (SKU: PBK-012)iPhone PowerMount with Ram Mount  (SKU: PBK-012)
Powerbar Plus 7/8" To 1" Black Anodized (SKU: PKT-090-54-B)Powerbar Plus 7/8" To 1" Black Anodized  (SKU: PKT-090-54-B)
Powerlet Basic Plug To SAE 4" Cable (Garage Duty) (SKU: PAC-072-04)Powerlet Basic Plug To SAE 4" Cable (Garage Duty) (SKU: PAC-072-04)
Powerlet Socket Kit - 12" Harness (SKU: PKT-042-12)Powerlet Socket Kit - 12" Harness (SKU: PKT-042-12)
rapidFIRe Heated Glove Liner Kit XX-Large (SKU: PHG-411-XXL)rapidFIRe Heated Glove Liner Kit XX-Large  (SKU: PHG-411-XXL)
Type-2 Rearset Kit (SKU: PKT-043)Type-2 Rearset Kit (SKU: PKT-043)
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Powerlet® Equipped System - One Outlet Does It All

The original powersport connector is now so much more. Designed for simple plug and play operation, the Powerlet Equipped System can power any electronics from a single Powerlet 12V outlet. From iPods to mini-usb devices and from heated clothing to battery chargers, one Powerlet connector does it all.

Tire Inflation

A typical inflater will take about 6 minutes to inflate a rear tire to 40psi. Naturally, better tire inflaters will take less time. Most electric tire inflaters will require at least a 10 amp fuse to handle the initial surge current (the power required to start the motor spinning). Powerlet currently offers adapter and replacement cables for converting automotive cigarette style plugs to Powerlet plugs. Powerlet will be releasing our state of the art compressor in the fall of 2011.

Battery Charging

Power out, no problem. Power in, no problem. Charge your vehicles battery with the same outlet that powers your GPS. Battery chargers typically double the useful life of AGM, wet or sealed batteries. Using a charger means a greener planet. Powerlet offers a wide variety of adapter cables that plug all of the popular chargers into any of our Powerlet socket kits.

Heated Clothing

The ProForm premium line of heated jacket liners, heated gloves, controllers, and cables offers the best fit and distributed heat for all-day wearing comfort. This exciting line is backed by the best warranty in the industry. You can trust Powerlet for innovative yet practical clothing that is designed to perform for years. Why not ride in comfort?

Luggage Electrix

Bring power to any motorcycle tankbag, saddlebag, or tour pack with Luggage Electrix™. The line includes tankbag bulkheads, internal and external cables, and cable pass-thrus. Simplify your wiring by powering many devices from inside your tankbag with our modular system. Less time wiring means more time riding!

Mounting Systems

Mount any GPS, radar detector, satellite radio to music player or iPod™ on your powersports vehicle. We have incorporated the best that RAM and Techmount offer and assembled them as complete systems using the Powerbar Plus™ (patent pending) powered mounting system.

Power Cables

Powerlet offers the largest variety of power and adapter cables for the powersports industry. Powering a cell phone, GPS, iPod, or radar detector is simple with our line of cables. Cell phones use more power trying to seek towers during travel causing the battery to die early in the day. This is not a problem when you are Powerlet Equipped.

Power Distribution

Managing the connections on your motorcycle, ATV, or powersports vehicle has never been easier. The line of power distribution products includes a variety of plugs, sockets, fuse blocks, terminal connections, tools and even starter motor wire kits for specific make and model vehicles. At Powerlet, our products are built for a lifestyle and designed to last a lifetime.

Socket Kits

Choose a Powersport Standard Connector (Powerlet Socket) or a cigarette style socket in order to power any of todays appliances. Powerlet Socket Kits eliminate dangling wires, and are available in panel mount, rearset mount or handlebar mount applications. Just like a toaster in the kitchen, plugging in a GPS, cell phone, battery charger, or heated clothing should be universal, simple and reliable.

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