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rapidFIRe Heated Jacket Liner XS

rapidFIRe Heated Jacket Liner XS
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Our new rapidFIRe™ Heated Jacket Liner with CNC (Carbon Nano Core) heating uses Far Infrared technology to provide fast, deep, soothing warmth. Now the warmest liner on the market at 105 watts! Built in stuff sack and no annoying heating wires of any kind!

Stay Warm While Riding

Powerlet®'s 105 watt RapidFIRe™ heated jacket liners pack down to a very small size to fit on the bike when not in use. Not only the warmest heated clothing available, but our ProForm stretch panels also make them the most comfortable. We recommend using a temperature controller with the RapidFIRe™ 105 watt jacket liners.

The RapidFIRe™ Advantage

The most unique feature is the heating system that we incorporate into every liner. Using the latest in Carbon Nanotube technology, Powerlet's Carbon Nano Core panels heat quickly and evenly without the hot spots or long heat times other conventional wired garments require. Additionally, we are the ONLY manufacturer to offer a dual heat setting that permits you to switch the total consumption to not exceed 60 watts. This means those of you who have bikes or vehicles that do not have the electrical output capacity to power a traditional or competitors liner can rest assured that the RapidFIRe™ line will get powered without draining your battery and leaving you stranded.  Additionally, we once again incorporated the ProForm™ stretch panels that provide three key advantages: non-binding movement, maximum heat transfer and simple sizing. While all three are very important, maximum heat transfer is perhaps the most important. For maximum heat transfer the heated garments must be close to the body. A long sleeve T-Shirt is recommended under the heated liners. A heavier layer can be worm over the garment. Other heated clothing manufacturers provided many sizes to attempt to create a snug fit. This often leads to a more complicated purchase and the potential improper fit if your weight changes.
These jacket liners are lighter than our previous models and again, do not incorporate any of the batting or insulation our competitors are required to have. A thinner liner means longer wearing comfort beneath any type of riding jacket.

RapidFIRe™ 105 Watt Jacket Liner Features

  1. Dual Heat 105 / 60 Watt convertibility by a simple cable disconnect

  2. Wind and water resistant Polyurethane coated nylon outer shell

  3. ProForm stretch panels provide comfort and simple standard sizing.

  4. Ultra thin design provides comfort and small storage.

  5. Comfortable heated Polartec fleece collar wicks moisture.

  6. Zippered pockets manage power cables.

  7. Handy built in stuff sack allows for storage on the vehicle.

  8. Unique sleeve finishing reduces bulk around wrists.

  9. Glove connectors are located at the ends of the sleeves.

  10. Heated on the front, back arms and collar - Full heat coverage

  11. Quick heat time of 20 seconds or less on the jacket liners

Ordering a Heated Jacket Liner

Three parts are required for heated clothing: the power outlet on the vehicle, the temperature controller and the heated garment. Simply put, the temperature controller and cables connect the garment to the power outlet.

Powerlet offers the widest selection of power outlets, many designed specifically for your vehicle. Our temperature controllers and cabling selection is also the best in the business. Combined, these offerings provide our customers with the ability to make either a quick, inexpensive, universal installation or a fully custom installation designed specifically for their vehicle.

  1. See the size chart for a proper fitting garment.

  2. Next, select either a Powerlet or coax power outlet. The power outlet attaches to the vehicle and provides the power for the heated clothing garment.

  3. Finally determine which type of temperature controller you prefer. The choices can also be seen in the "Accessories" tab on this page. Select the simple On/Off switch or one of our variable controllers. Many come pre-packaged with the Powerlet or coax cables to plug into the power outlet.

Designed For A Lifestyle

Powerlet designs heated garments for people who rely on their heated clothing for both comfort and safety. Like our customers, we enjoy a lifestyle utilizing convenient modern electronics and wear our heated gear for commutes to work and trips across the country.

Built For A Lifetime

Powerlet seeks the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. All of our heated clothing products are developed and tested in the USA by people who ride regularly. Quality components and attention to detail ensure Powerlet products resist wear and corrosion to last a lifetime. All Powerlet RapidFIRe™ heated clothing carries a lifetime warranty on the electrics and a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects.

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